Mystery Shopping

The attention to end-user expectations and the constant measurement of workforce performance, are key to the development of successful marketing strategies and for the consolidation of a brand.

The CA.ST. GROUP mystery shoppers or mistery guests, selected at national level according to the target of interest, visit in anonymously way the sales points of our clients or of your competitors  and simulate the request of information or the purchase of products and services, following a “copycat” behaviour defined with the customer.

Our mystery shoppers analyse during their visits:

  •  Kindness and professionalism of the staff
  •  Sales effectiveness and listening ability
  •  Presentation of the products
  •  Cross selling
  •  Problem-solving ability.
Customer Satisfaction 100%

For each activity we develop personalized progress reports and prepare a base which permits the measurement of  the results of your reality in a certain period in order to identify and solve any problems by intervening on staff with media training, incentive and motivation courses.

We also carry out recording (if authorized by staff) the mystery shopping visits through the use of special devices that have inside hidden micro cameras.

This Video recording allows you to definitely also analyse the emotional sphere of a visit  and transform the mystery shopper feelings into measurable results, documenting both the verbal aspects that no verbal interaction between a sales person and a customer.

We operate internationally and we are members of the MSPA Association – Mystery Shopping Professionals Association.

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